NGC Grading and NCS Conserving Coins On-site in Hong Kong in December 2019

Posted on 9/17/2019

NGC and NCS will send teams to Hong Kong to perform their services on-site this December. Request "December On-site Event" on the NGC/NCS Hong Kong Submission Form. All submissions must be made by Saturday, December 7, to be eligible.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation™ (NGC®) will perform on-site authentication, grading and encapsulation of coins, tokens and medals in Hong Kong, December 9-14, 2019.

Numismatic Conservation Services™ (NCS®), an affiliate of NGC, will perform on-site conservation at the same time. The presence of both NGC and NCS allows submitters to have their vintage and modern coins professionally conserved by NCS and then seamlessly transferred to NGC for grading.

NGC on-site grading and NCS on-site conservation allow submitters to receive a significantly faster turnaround time for their submissions. As an added benefit to their customers, NGC and NCS will not charge any additional fees for on-site grading or on-site conservation. Please refer to the NGC/NCS Hong Kong Services and Fees chart for fees.

Vintage and modern coins, tokens and medals from virtually every country will be accepted. Ancient coins will not be accepted for on-site grading or conservation but will be accepted for shipment to the companies’ US headquarters.

All submissions for NGC on-site grading and NCS on-site conservation should be made to NGC Hong Kong, Ltd., the companies’ Hong Kong affiliate, by Saturday, December 7. Submitters are encouraged to submit as early as possible. This article will be updated if it is determined that on-site submissions need to be cut off early due to strong demand.

If your coins cannot be done on-site, you will be notified by NGC Hong Kong and your coins will be shipped to NGC headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

If you would like your coins to be included in the on-site event, you must write "December On-site Event" on the NGC/NCS Hong Kong Submission Form.

Note: The maximum number of coins per submission form is 50 for non-bulk grading tiers and 200 for bulk grading tiers. Use additional submission forms for larger quantities.

NGC and NCS will endeavor to have coins ready for pick-up by Monday, December 16; however, this time is approximate and not guaranteed. Submissions will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis and, in the event of extremely high demand, later submissions may require a longer turnaround time.

Paid NGC Collector members (Associate and higher) and NGC Authorized Dealers are entitled to submit and pick up at NGC's Hong Kong office (by appointment only). Not a member? Learn how to join here.

NGC is a leading third-party coin authentication, grading and encapsulation service with more than 44 million coins certified. Founded in 1987, NGC backs each graded coin with the comprehensive NGC Guarantee of grade and authenticity. Our reputation has been built on providing the high level of confidence and trust our customers expect.

NCS is a leading professional coin conservation service that has conserved more than 1 million coins since it was established in 2001. NCS conservation removes harmful surface contaminants, stabilizes a coin’s surfaces and improves a coin’s eye appeal.

For more information, contact:
NGC Hong Kong, Ltd.
Suite 1208-10, 12/F,
Tower 1, The Gateway, Harbour City
25 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2115-3639
(Office visits are by appointment only)

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