CCG Store Now Available in London, Munich and Hong Kong

Posted on 9/5/2019

The Certified Collectibles Group® (CCG®) has announced that its online CCG Store is now available to customers at its London, Munich and Hong Kong offices. The CCG Store makes it easier to purchase NGC Display Boxes, PMG Storage Bags and other products. It can be found at

CCG Store customers can now make arrangements to pick up their purchases at the offices of one of CCG’s international affiliates:

  • NGC International UK Ltd. (NGC UK) in London. Contact: or (+44) (0) 20 3968 3848.
  • NGC International GmbH (NGC GmbH) in Munich. Contact: or (+49) (0) 89 550 66 780.
  • NGC Hong Kong Ltd (NGC Hong Kong). Contact: or (+852) 2115 3639.

Note: If you wish to pick up your CCG Store purchase at one of the above locations you must make advance arrangements with that location.

Alternatively, CCG Store purchases can be shipped to customers from CCG in the United States.

Products that can be purchased through the store include the following. All prices are in US Dollars.

NGC Standard and Oversize Display Boxes

NGC Display Boxes, an attractive and efficient way to store coins encapsulated by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®). Options available include:

  • NGC Standard Holder Display Box (holds 20 standard NGC holders) - $8
  • NGC Red & Gold Display Box (holds 20 standard NGC holders) - $10
  • NGC Double Thick Holder Display Box (holds 14 NGC Double Thick holders) - $8
  • NGC Oversize Holder Display Box (13mm) (holds 16 holders - 164 x 123 mm x 13mm) - $15
  • NGC Oversize Holder Display Box (18mm) (holds 12 holders - 164 x 123 mm x 18mm) - $15
  • NGC Oversize Holder Display Box (23mm) (holds 10 holders - 164 x 123 mm x 23mm) - $15
NGC Starter Kit

NGC Starter Kits, a new way for coin collectors to get everything they need to get started with NGC, including a loupe, flips, NGC sample holder, NGC Standard Holder Display Box, tote bag and one-year NGC Associate membership voucher (for new or free members only). NGC Starter Kits are available for an introductory price of $59.

NGC Double Pocket Flips, perfect for submissions of raw coins to NGC for grading. Measuring 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches, these inert, non-PVC flips are sold in a pack of 50 for $9.

PMG Small Storage Bag

PMG Storage Bags, an attractive and efficient way to store banknotes encapsulated by Paper Money Guaranty® (PMG®). These are available in Large ($7) and Small ($6) sizes.

Customers can create their own login and password for the online CCG Store to conveniently store their information for future purchases. These logins are not currently integrated with NGC and PMG memberships, but CCG plans to update them in the future.

Paid NGC and PMG Collector members receive a 10% discount on NGC Display Boxes and PMG Storage Bags. (NGC Starter Kits and NGC Double Pocket Flips are not discounted.) Join or upgrade today at one of the sites below:

Customers can also order at the CCG Store via guest checkout, but no discounts will be applied.

Shipping costs will be calculated through the online store for all orders, and a sales tax will be applied for residents of Florida, calculated by county. The online CCG Store is able to ship to US and international addresses.

Questions? Contact CCG Customer Service at (+1) 941 360 3990 or

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