NGC Introduces Two Coin Holder

Posted on 1/21/2019

The holder creates appealing display options for a variety of coin pairings.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation™ (NGC®) has announced a new NGC Small Multi Coin Holder, a single holder that can encapsulate two coins. This holder provides a visually appealing and convenient display option for two-coin sets or matched pairs, such as the 2019 Silver 10 Yuan Pig and the 2019 Silver 10 Yuan Pig - Colorized.

The Small Multi Coin Holder is comprised of the same high-quality materials as NGC’s standard holder and features the same security elements, including an advanced hologram and a tamper-evident seal. A single NGC certification label is placed at the top, printed with the NGC set description, coin descriptions, grades and unique NGC certification numbers.

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Two coins, each sized up to 45mm in diameter and 4.5mm in thickness, can be encapsulated in the Small Multi Coin Holder. Inserts are used to accommodate a range of coin sizes. Most modern US coins and many modern world coins are currently eligible, with more sizes coming soon. View the complete list of eligible coin sizes >

The Small Multi Coin Holder is currently available for select bulk submissions to NGC Hong Kong, Ltd. (NGC Hong Kong), the Hong Kong affiliate of NGC. There is an additional $5 (USD) fee per Small Multi Coin Holder. To confirm eligibility, contact NGC Hong Kong Customer Service at or +852 2115 3639.

Available now for select bulk submissions, the Small Multi Coin Holder joins other NGC holders, including the EdgeView™ Holder, NGC Oversize Holder™ and NGC Mega Holder™. Learn more about NGC holders at

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